Acceptable Use Policy

  • These images are not public domain, we retain the copyrights. The free image section are only free to use on web pages in exchange for a link back to this site. Purchased images can be used without a link back, but it would be appreciated.
    Web designers may use our images on a customer’s site only if they have purchased clipart. Printed and commercial applications of any type requires the purchase of clipart.

  • Images used on your site must be saved to your computer or server and not referenced in your html code to the images located on our server.

  • Images must be used in a context sensitive format for site decoration only. They may not be displayed or offered as clip art or in any way that implies the images may be downloaded and reused by a third party for any purpose. Images may not be used with card scripts, this type of application is not site decoration and is no different than putting up one of our libraries as an offering of clip art.

  • You are not allowed to use my clip art for any mass produced merchandise, logos, or templates.

  • This art may be altered to suit the design of your site. Many people use these images as is but you may want to fine tune them or add effects.

    All the restrictions described in this document also apply to images that are altered. Images may not be modified or added to other art and then offered to a third party for reuse or redistributed via printed or electronic media.

  • Some of our libraries contain images that are not clipart, for example... the mazes, door hangers, and other printable items. These libraries are intended to be used for a specific purpose and may not be redistributed in in any format or used otherwise.

NOTE:  Copyrights are retained by and Tim Basham on all existing art located on our servers.
Mirroring our gallery or any images from it is strictly forbidden. You may not offer any of our images in collections of clip art to a third party. Images may not be redistributed as clipart via any form of electronic or printed media.